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Wrestling team partners with EarSplintz to offer Protection from Cauliflower Ear.

By Shawn C Andrews, 10/17/19, 5:15PM EDT


See the article for more details

This summer I had the opportunity to learn about EarSplintz a new technology for reducing the occurrence of cauliflower ear.   

For those who do not know cauliflower ear is caused by the blunt impact to the ear which can occur in wrestling or other combat sports.  Typical treatment is to drain the ear with a needle and try to keep it compressed which is quite difficult.  

The simplest way I can explain earsplintz is that you make a mold of your ear prior to injury and then you have a mold that precisely fits your ear in the event you need to apply compression.  You can also use in instances where swelling starts but isn't severe enough to need drainage.  

Earsplintz is offering Marysville wrestlers a $30.00 discount, ordering will open the week before the season.  We will announce the team discount code at that time.   My understanding is that each kit has enough product to make 2-3 molds of your ear shape.  

For those looking for more information visit the following link.  Which includes a 2 min video with more detailed information.