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Lady Monarchs defeat O. Orange in first ever home dual

By Shawn Andrews, 02/13/20, 8:00AM EST


a coaches reflection on what makes our girls different

The Lady Monarch wrestling team won their first ever head to head dual vs Olentangy Orange last night 48-30.  The Monarchs won 9 of 14 matches (8 of 10 contested) in front of an electric crowd. This was our girls final competition before their state tournament next weekend being held at Hilliard Davidson High School .

All season I have tried to gain a perspective of what makes girls wrestling different? As coaches we have tried to navigate the balance of treating them like wrestlers, not boys not girls but wrestlers, but they are different.  As I reflect on last night's match it hit me, it's their sense of gratitude. The girls, families, and friends showed pure joy and excitement for having the opportunity to wrestle in front of their community, in their home gym, under the spotlight.  As a wrestler and a coach in Marysville Ohio I never wondered when I would get to wrestle. I only know a world in which there is a team, that team has a schedule that includes home matches, and teammates just like me to wrestle with everyday. In many ways I took for granted the opportunities afforded to me.

I have also tried to balance how much attention to pay towards one half of our team, fearful it would offend the other half of our team.  Like being a father you don’t want to show favoritism to one child over the other. The truth is I love coaching both our boys and our girls teams, praising one doesn’t diminish the other. These girls are special because they showed the courage to do something no one has done before them.  I wonder in 10 years will the girls on that team be as grateful as the 10 trailblazers of the 2020 team? I hope they are but chances are they too will only know a world where there is a team, and it has a schedule, and they get to wrestle someone just like themselves.


It takes time to create perspective, I hope with time all of the members of this team boys and girls will look back and know that this group of wrestlers are special.  The girls who took the chance to do something never done before and the boys who practiced with them, encouraged them and ultimately had a part in growing this amazing sport we call wrestling.  


Individual Results


Sharp, Madison (Marysville) def. Carroll, Jolie (Olentangy Orange) === {Fall 5:34}


Swart, Emma (Marysville) def. Rivera, Paulett (OLentangy Orange) === {Fall 0:04}


Castin, Ayla (OLentangy Orange) def. Longbrake, Hana (Marysville) === {Default}


Adelsberger, Maddi (Marysville) def. McManus, Emily (OLentangy Orange) === {Fall 1:02}


Oribello, Laila (Marysville) def. Wingert, Christy (OLentangy Orange) === {Fall 2:05}


Leng, Cali (Marysville) def. Wallace, Alyssa (OLentangy Orange) === {Fall 2:15}


Muntanola, Natalia (OLentangy Orange) def. Oribello, Mia (Marysville) === {Fall 3:38}


Downey, Shelby (Marysville) def. Davis, Augustine (OLentangy Orange) === {Fall 0:41}


Grabau, Anna (OLentangy Orange) def. Forfeit (Marysville) === {Forfeit}


Lauren Sloboda (Marysville) def. Walters, Aida (OLentangy Orange) === {Decision 3-2}


Frye, Noel (Unknown) def. Forfeit, (Marysville) === {Forfeit}


Smith, Alayna (Unknown) def. Forfeit, (Marysville) === {Forfeit}


Fry, Destinee (Marysville) def. Mitchell, Talia (OLentangy Orange) === {Decision 3-0}


Gossett, Rhiannon (Marysville) def. Doe, John (Unknown) === {Forfeit}