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WWE (weekly wrestling email) 3-16

By Shawn Andrews, 03/16/20, 10:45AM EDT


an unexpected ending to a seaon



Coach's Gratitude-
What a challenging week to find a sense of gratitude with so many unknowns. I know that wrestling and sports in general can take a disproportionate amount of our time and energy.  I am grateful for a time to force myself to step a way a little bit. I hope that in the midst of this public health crisis all of you have the opportunity to re-center and focus on the things most important in your lives.  I have always maintained that the goal of wrestling is to try and reveal the best version of yourself. During this time I hope all of us can see this as an opportunity to continue in that journey towards self improvement. 

Wrestling Recap
I waited until today to send this email because up until now it still didn’t seem real.  Obviously this is uncharted territory but my heart aches for Lincoln and Erryl as they were poised to compete at the State Tournament over the weekend, I had confidence that both were prepared and ready to make a run at the podium. Wrestling is like no other sport in that you literally must pick yourself up off the mat hundreds of times every day.  It feels disingenuous to simplify this in that way but in the end I know with time all of us will look back on this adversity and find a way to seek out the positives and the learning lessons.

As our season officially comes to a close I look back on the past four months, (really 12 for some) and realize just how far our team has come.  For so many wrestling is a short window in your life, the real takeaway are the lessons learned. I hope all of you look back and reflect on the things you learned as a team and as an individual.  Hopefully the things we emphasized as coaches this year, effort, attitude, gratitude, being a partner, and self belief transcend the mat and this sport we love.

Weekly Schedule
It is really important that all of you utilize this forced time away for you to truly recover from a grueling season.  It's all important that in this time of social separation (quarantine) that we develop positive routines that support being the best version of you. The best people in the world regardless of industry develop routines and hold themselves accountable. 

  • Things you can/should do

  • Create a wrestling journal

    • This should include goals, training plans, mental preparation 

  • Daily exercise (not in season training but I encourage you to get 45-60 min a day)

    • Ex: Push ups, pull-ups Core Work, 2-3 mile run, yoga on youtube, chop wood.

  • Read a book, if you need recommendations ask I have several I can recommend or loan you

  • Watch wrestling on youtube, flowrestling, trackwrestling

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule

  • Monitor your nutrition

  • Limit your screen time/video game time. 

  • Reach out to a coach to talk about off-season, next season plans. 

On the Horizon

Banquet TBD

Last Monday we finalized our spring and summer plans but obviously these are currently on hold. Some dates that could still be relevant. 

Mitch Clark Camp dates
April 24-26th
May 1-3rd

Jordan Team Camp
May 31-June 4

AAU Junior Olympic Qualifier (Freestyle)- Sunday April 26th @ Delaware Hayes
Cedar Point Duals-Saturday June 6th
Disney Dates -June 20-24th

As our season comes to a close I hope to keep up frequent communication but with a goal of a communication every 2 weeks. As always please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 

Stay healthy and safe 
-Coach Andrews 



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Remind text (parents) text @wrparents to the number 81010





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