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WWE (weekly wrestling email) 4-1

By Shawn C Andrews, 04/01/20, 3:30PM EDT


The new reality

April 1st 2020,

I woke up this morning wishing this was all a cruel April Fools joke but alas it is not, it is our new reality. 


Coaches Gratitude

I am so grateful for the time that this current pandemic has given me with my own children.  We have learned to pass the time reading, playing family board games, even working out as a family.  I know that without this forced social distancing this is time I would never have given myself in this way.  


Banquet Update

Wrestling is a family, it is in person, it is laughter and tears. I tried to think of a creative way of honoring this season through a video or series of videos but in the end I think we need to be together as people to truly honor our team.  Once we are cleared to return to some sort of normalcy we will set a date to gather as a wrestling family and celebrate the 2020 season. 


Social Distancing

Personal Needs

I worry about all of us during these uncertain times, not just that someone we love might contract this potentially deadly virus.  I also worry about each of our own mental health, I worry about those of us who need the social interaction that school and athletics provides.  I worry about those families who have been financially impacted by the economic impact of this virus. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and if there is anything you need please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


Academic Needs

This is new to all of us, I keep asking myself what is the lesson to be learned (outside of schoolgy or unified classroom). One of the most valuable things all of us can learn is time management. I can not emphasize this enough.  Those individuals who set a schedule and stick to it will come out of this more prepared academically and athletically than those who do not. Set an alarm clock, don’t sleep past 9:00am go to bed by midnight. If you do those things you will be a better version of you. 


Off-season Plans

Our off-season starts now, We talk at nauseum about controlling the things you can control, effort and attitude are at the top of the list.  As we go into these unknown circumstances know that every wrestler around the state of Ohio is facing the same challenges. Every wrestler is only going to have 24 hours in a day to get better.  YOU control your attitude as you approach this challenge, YOU control the effort you put into the work. I am confident that if you put forth max effort and keep a positive attitude you can come out of this once in a lifetime experience a better version of yourself. Wrestling has a way of revealing the truth, if you do the work the truth will reveal itself in the improvements you make, if you do not put in the work that truth is also revealed.  Our off-season lifting plan can be accessed by clicking here. Thanks to Coaches Brent Johnson and Grant Smith for putting this together. 



Not just because you have to for school.  I encourage all of you to pick a book and read it. It can be anything from fiction,to nonfiction, pick a favorite athlete. I have a stack of books I can recommend or let you borrow. I recently finished a book on Goal Setting and mental toughness. If you would like to hear about this or work on a system in the off-season please sign up here. 


I know that was a lot to read, I miss all of you wrestlers, parents and families. I will try to communicate regularly as well as schedule some video calls for groups of wrestlers at at time. 


Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home!

-Coach Andrews