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By Shawn Andrews, 06/01/20, 4:30PM EDT


lifting groups

Marysville Exempted Village Schools
via FinalForms

Good afternoon we are so excited to get back together this week as a team, even if its only 10 wrestlers at a time. The finalized lifting groups are listed below. Please contact Coach Andrews immediately if you notice any errors.

-Come dressed for working out the locker rooms will not be available. 
-All athletes must bring thier own water bottle
-We are asking athletes to bring thier own rag/hand towel to wipe down equipment we will provide the cleaner
-Wrestlers should bring thier wrestling notebook as well as their symptom checklist, and daily workout sheet(once provided)
-When arriving maintain social distancing prior to check in
-When leaving do not linger or mingle with other groups already on campus.
-Be excited!!!!! we have been waiting for 10+ weeks for this opportunity lets make the most of it. 

Group 1 6:15am

Group 2 6:15am

Group 3 5:30pm

Josh melms

Mia Oribello

Zach Pfarr

Bill Miller

Lily Mccartney

Ethan Skiles

Alton Dobyns

Lauren Sloboda

Blaize Hall

Lincoln witt

Emma Swart

Harley Crouso

Emilio Guerrero

Bela Michael

Jack Golla

Max Shroyer

Hana Longbrake

courtney tuller

Parker Reese


Ben durey

Joe Eley


Nathan Thompson

Julian Kennedy


Justin Valdez


Gage Riley


Drop off/Pick Up

Drop off/Pick Up

Drop off/Pick Up

Wt Room parking lot

Gravel Parking lot by soccer fields

Wt Room parking lot





Coach Andrews, Pfarr

Coach Andrews, Pfarr

Coaches Thompson, Crane,Stodart

Again reach out with any questions or concerns 
Coach Andrews