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WWE (weekly wrestling email) 6-7 *reminders and fundraising update

By Shawn Andrews, 06/07/20, 6:30AM EDT


please see the Bingo sign up

Good Morning wrestler and families,


It was great to see all of our wrestlers last week as we get to return to training.  While we are looking forward to being able to do more it was great just to be around our wrestlers.  This week's schedule will remain the same if anything changes we will be sure to let you know.


Lifting/Conditioning Monday/Tuesday/Thursday

Times 6:15-7:45am 5:30-6:45pm

If you need a copy of the symptom check form they are posted on

Wrestling Reminders

-It is really important to stay hydrated during this time, last fall we challenged wrestlers to drink a gallon of water a day.  Training in the heat serves as a reminder to continue that practice. Especially for those in the afternoon training session. Get a refillable water bottle, and figure out how many of those you need to drink a day to reach a gallon. 

-There is still an expectation of wrestlers to run 9-10 miles per week. This can be spread out over the 7 days but we will be completing a 2 mile run at least one time per week to keep track of our times.  Wrestlers should avoid running during the heat of the day 10am-6pm

-100%+20 We know that we are limited to what we can do given the amount of time we have in the weight room in our groups of 10.  We have talked about 100+20 during our first week back. This means 100% of what coaches are asking you to do plus 20% on thier own.  This serves two purposes, one continued strength and conditioning development, however the real value is the mental confidence that is built by choosing to do the extra on your own when no one else is watching. 

-Wrestling Notebook- wrestlers should be engaging with this everyday even if they are currently training for football.  Please bring with you to training sessions

-Special Awards and 20+ wins tshirt are in please see coach Andrews during lifting sessions to pick yours up.


-As our community starts to open back up we will continue to look for ways to fundraise for our program.  Specifically we are looking at locker rooms and shower renovations. While we expect our school to help offset some of the cost of this project we also anticipate needing to cover some of these costs. Typically we hold a golf outing in June as well as work VFW bingo.  We do not currently have a date for our golf outing, but VFW bingo has just opened back up.  We are currently scheduled to work June 13th and 15th. Please use the following link to sign up and learn about the new safety practices that the VFW is putting in place.


Have a great week everyone, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns

-Coach Andrews